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1130 bottom casing bronze / brass / AISI 304
1410 diffuser polycarbonate
1414 interstage diffuser casing AISI 304
1471 disc AISI 304
2250 impeller polycarbonate
3312 bearing bush non toxic rubber
3320 intermediate bearing bush ceramic
3412 bearing sleeve non toxic rubber
3420 intermediate bearing sleeve ceramic
6310 top casing bronze / brass / AISI 304
6330 wing valve AISI 304
7000 caupling AISI 304


Failure to observe these warnings and/ or any tampering with the pump will the pump will absolve f.el.som. srl from all responsibility in the event of accidents to people or damage to things and/ or to the pump itself.

It is essential that the utilizer know how to carry out all the operations described in this manual, always before starting up the pump, and always know how to apply them during the use and maintenance of the pump and its components.

FP4 series borehole pump there are no RESIDUAL RISK.



This manual is shows the instructions for maintenance and use of the submersible pump FP4 series.

Submersible pump to be connected to a 4" NEMA regulation pump for power up to 7.5 Kw.

Check that packaging is not damaged in any significant way; if this is the case, complain immediately to whoever is making the delivery.



Pump FP4 series is suitable clean water

Max quantity sand: 185 gr/m3

Direction of rotation: Counterclockwise (facing delivery side).

Max water temperature 30o C. Liquid density 1Kg/dm3.

The pipe and all plant max pump pressure show on the label.

The submersible electric pump must be defend to the intense cold.

Max starting per hour 15.

Minimum well diameter 100 mm.

The pump must running inside of the recommended range.



The supply voltage rated maximum current and cos Ø appear from the loose data plate.

The pump must be earthen.

Remove the pump cable cover. Lower the pump into the motor, taking care to make the motor cable correspond to the spider louver of the pump to which it is being coupled, in this operation it is necessary to line up the notching with that of the pump coupling.

To do this, rotate the two parts, taking care to avoid any knocks which could damage the motor bearing. The alignment between the motor and the pump must be perfect.

Apply the nuts with their respective washers to thestays to the places designed for them down by operating crosswise.

As far as the electrical connection are concerned, follow the instructions of the motor manufacturer, remembering nevertheless to check the rotation direction.



It is recommend to check the borehole by means of an inside caliper before lowering the pump to ensure unobstructed passage.

Taking care during lowering the pump to do not damage the cable. Taking care to bind the cable on the pipe. The pipe length thread must be lower of the top valve thread. When plastic pipes are used, the pump should be secured by an unloaded straining wire to be fastened to the discharge chamber of the pump.

Supplementary check valve recommended each 100 m on the delivery pipe.

Minimum installation depth below dynamic water level 1 m is recommended.

The motor must be installed up deep's screen in order don't have damage for insufficient cooling it.



Check the direction of rotation for 3ph motors; for 1ph motors the direction of rotations it's fixed.



When the pump has been connected correctly and it is submerged in the liquid to be pumped, it should be started with the discharged valve open-off partially.

If there are impurities in the water, the valve should be opened gradually as the water becomes cleaner. The pump should not be stopped until the water is completely clean, as otherwise the pump parts and the non-return valve may choke up. As the valve is begin opened, the draw down of the water level should be checked to ensure that the pump always remains submerged.



Store the pump in a dry place, sheltered from the weather. For safe storage after a previous installation, the electric pump must be thoroughly cleaned (no use hydrocarbon based products for this purpose). The hydraulic part must be dried inside with a jet of forced air.



FP4 borehole pumps are maintenance - free and are easy to service.

As precautionary measure must be checked the capacity and amperage.

In case of disassembly of the pump this must only be serviced and repaired by specialized technicians.



There are not problem for transportation in the original packing of the pump.

Its consent hand lifting only down 20 Kg weights. Don't put the electric pumpset to bending stress.



If this operation is carried out by non-authorized personnel, the guarantee will be rendered null and void. 

Remove the four nuts that fixed the pump to the motor, remove the cable guard.

Fixed the bottom casing and unscrew the jacket on counterclockwise. Unthread the jacket with top up keeping the shaft held firmly on the side of the coupling. At this point the impellers pack and the diffusers pack will be free to disassemble.

For assembly proceed back. Please check if the impellers are free with assembly diffuser and that the floating impeller cannot tuck the back impeller. The impellers it will be free and not fixed. The free coupling permitted a best lay out with the motor shaft.

The jacket its not fixed with screws as the threads are reverse.



When dismantling an electric pump unit, the technician must proceed with the relative phases and dismantle the unit in strict compliance with the local safety rules.


THE MOTOR FAILS TO START No electricity supply Contact the electricity supply authorities
Starter device is defective Repair or replace the starter device
The pump is stuck pull out the pump and clean
The motor starter overload has tripped out Reset the motor starter overload
THE PUMP DELIVERS ABSOLUTELY NO WATER No water or too low water level in borehole Wait water level restoration, or increase the installation depth of the pump
Stuck screen pull out the pump and clean
Pump covered with sand pull out the pump and clean
Clock check valve Pull out the pump and release
AMPERAGE GO UP Pump covered with sand pull out the pump and clean
mechanical friction Pull out the pump and replace
INSUFFICIENT CAPACITY AND HEAD Wrong 3ph motor direction of rotation Wires line must be inverted
Stuck pump/ screen Pull out the pump and clean
Leakage in the pipe work Check and repair the pipe work
worn pump Pull out the pump and replace the worn parts
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